Lookalikes from Fake Faces Ltd.

Lookalikes are increasing popular in today's world of celebrity obsession. There are many lookalikes in the UK and all over the world and more and more people are joining lookalike agencies to find work as a celebrity double. Probably one of the most popular categories of lookalikes is James Bond lookalikes as they are used for parties and events based on James Bond themes.

Fake Faces Ltd. has many lookalike categories on their lookalike website and these are based on popular categories which people can relate to. One increasingly popular category of lookalikes is Political lookalikes as they are becoming bigger celebrities in the real world and are instantly recognisable that the media are using their image to promote products and make headline news. We only need to look at the popularity of Tony Blair in the media to see how the Tony Blair lookalike can be used for advertising purposes by advertising agencies and PR Companies. Even now Tony is no longer the Prime Minister his image is so well known that a Tony Blair lookalike will be in demand for many years to come.

Lookalikes have been popular for many years being used by Party Entertainers who use Hollywood lookalikes to meet n greet guests at the start of a party or surprise guests by making an entrance at an office party perhaps. Christmas events often use celebrity look-alikes to entertain party goers who like to see a famous double of their favourite sports star or pop star.

A popular area where lookalikes are used is on Trade Show stands to attract attention to passers by. Fake Faces Ltd. regularly provide lookalikes to stop passers by at trade shows and direct them onto the clients trade show stand. People are intrigued when they see a lookalike stood in the aisle of a trade show and they stop and talk to them or ask to have a photograph taken with them.

Lookalikes are attention grabbing and something different, they are perfect for Christmas parties or Birthday surprises or even Hen and Stag party ideas, they are all eye catching and will have you doing a double take. Along with lookalikes there is also Costume character doubles such as Batman, Spiderman and superhero lookalikes. Even though these are costume characters they are popular as celebrity lookalikes.

Fake Faces Ltd. lookalikes agency has all the celebrity doubles you will require to make your event memorable. With lookalikes from Hollywood, Music, Royalty, Sport, Political, Historian, Film, Double Act and more Fake Faces Ltd. can provide you with any lookalike to meet your needs. With a fully automated quotation system in place on their lookalike website Fake Faces Ltd. can service your requirements quickly and professionally.