Darth Vader lookalike Dean Goodwin


This is Fake Faces Darth Vader lookalike Dean Goodwin who forms part of the group Imperial Icons (which can be found on Facebook). At 6ft 6 inches Dean is the complete Darth Vader being the same height and stature as the orginal actor David Prowse. Dean's costume is an exact replica, complete with breathing effect from Episode III and was imported from the United States. For a full authentic Darth Vader effect he also has a Darth Vader Master Replicas Light Saber, which also has movie sound effects and is able to provide music to make your experience complete. As you will see from Dean's profile, he has other chahracters available, which include Chewbacca, Stormtrooper and Boba Fett. Dean is available for all kinds of events/promotional work and has substaintial experience working within the hospitality field, which has included the International Autosports Event at Birmingham NEC.

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