Sharon Osbourne lookalike Caroline Bernstein


Here is Fake Faces Sharon Osbourne lookalike Caroline. Caroline has great fun playing Sharon and is able to recreate not only Sharon's mannerisms and style but also her voice! Caroline has worked as a lookalike at a whole range of events from photo shoots to corporate events and has also been employed purely for her voice work. Caroline is confident on stage and works well with an Ozzy Osbourne lookalike or as a team with the other X factor judge lookalikes.

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Hear me Sound Like...

Fabulous Fake Faces - voice recording


Makes a Great Team With...

Simon Cowell lookalike Andrew Monk

Ozzy Osbourne lookalike Daithi Gilfoyle-McGroarty

Alexandra Burke lookalike Sam


Past Appearances...

Chico Time!

Chico Time!
Here I am with the lovely Chico at the opening of a new casino in Nottingham, also with us is Andy as Simon Cowell lookalike. Chico was so great with all the guests and he entertained like a real star that he is, he's gorgeous!

The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times
Here is a great shot that was organised by Fake Faces lookalikes for the promotion of a show using lookalikes. We all got together in London for this shoot and it was amazing. I'll never look at Dean Taylor as Borat lookalike in the same light ever again!!