Cher Lloyd lookalike Abigail Butchers


Here is Abigail Butchers as a Cher Lloyd lookalike from X Factor. As you can see from the pictures Abigail is the double of the pop star Cher Lloyd. Ever since Cher Lloyd burst onto our TV screen when she was on X Factor people have been coming up to Abigail thinking she really is Cher Lloyd. Life for Abigail changed overnight once Cher Lloyd became a household name and face. Abigail now can't walk down the street without people double taking at her or asking for an autograph or a photo. If you are looking for some X Factor spice to your event or you simply want a pop princess at your next event or party then click on GET A QUOTE and see if Abigail Butchers can be at your next function as a Cher Lloyd lookalike.

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