Prince Charles lookalike Charles Haslett

Prince Charles lookalike with jacket


Here is Fake Faces look-alikes Prince Charles lookalike Charles Haslett. Charles has been a professional lookalike for many years and has the experience to attend any formal function as Prince Charles. With Prince Charles and instantly recognisable figure Charles Haslett is perfect to give your event the Royal seal of approval.

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Public Speaking

Public Speaking
Here is a picture of me as Prince Charles lookalike when I did some public speaking. I often get booked to do speeches as that is what the Prince Charles does daily. I like to get into the character and deliver a good juicy speech!

Three's a crowd

Three's a crowd
Good job my personal camerman got me in focus!! Can't believe the silly hats some people wear when I go on my walkabouts, why can't they just wear a classic trilby?

Japanese PM

Japanese PM
Here is a picture of me with the Japenese PM or at least he looked just like him. We had our photos taken and said a few words before Camilla shouted at me to Get a Move On!!